4.6.22 New work in progress

Here is a glimpse of what I am working on. It is a new embroidery idea that I am going to mount to a stretched canvas that I would have normally used for oil painting. I am tired of having to work in circles. With my past working being mostly in photography and painting I miss the hard lines of the corners.

2.18.22 it’s been forever and a day…

Wow has it been a long while since I have been on here to post! I have been focused on homeschooling, and just trying to be, so I haven’t thought much on blogging about my life… or just in general.

I have been having trouble with thinking that what i am doing is good enough, social media has not helped with this thinking. So I have turned everything off including my blog, I have taken a break, I have tried to get my mind back in order and not worry about comparing myself and my children with others. But now I think that I am back, I think I know or have an idea on how to turn off the noise from the outside and focus on what really matters, my little family.

Yesterday I made art for the first time in a long time, and I have a deep yearning to make more, something that has been missing from me for a long while. I am going to embrace my longing for the bright and whimsical images that are flooding my dreams at night, I am going to allow myself the freedom that I see in my children when they do art, they just do art as it feels it should be done, not as they feel the world feels it should be done. I will learn to look at things with their eyes because they seem to be more wise than I do at times.

So here’s to new art and hopefully new weekly updates on Fridays


Jamestown… a few months back 4.15.21

I know that I’m always saying this…but wow am I bad about posting! As soon as I sit down to write something I seem to be needed elsewhere, but while the children are still sleeping after a long hot day at the pool yesterday I will try to remember Jamestown.

Because we are homeschooling we went the week after spring break with the hope that we would be just about the only people there, and sure enough we where IT WAS AMAZING! Yes it was a very long drive, just over 200 miles round trip, yes it was rainy and a little chilly, and yes I would have liked it if we had been able to stay longer to see more things, but with it just being a day trip our time was limited.

Needless to say that doing anything with a family of 5 can be quite costly! In deciding where to go the first thing I looked at was how much is this going to cost us and most places where $100 or more JUST FOR THE DAY!!! Also that $100 did not include food, or whatever else you have to pay for that is not included with the ticket price (like that $3 cup of coffee 😳 it was only 12oz and not very good at all! Rant over). I was very happy to see that Jamestown is a part of the Get Outside program for 4th graders, we still had to pay, and I wish I could remember how much… I think it was $21… the kids where free because of the program and mine and my husband’s tickets had a major discount.

The children are waking up… more to come later…

The kids had fun, and as you can see in the photos we where some of the only people there, so the kids got to be kids. I highly recommend going to Jamestown and if you can stay longer than a day so you don’t feel rushed and you can take advantage of your ticket receipt lasting for 7 days!

Well the chickens are clunking and the rabbits are thumping, so it’s time to get on with the morning chores 🤣

Next post Mount Vernon so stay tuned for more!

~mary e. J. Mason