Morning coffee

It’s a perfect morning to read outside while the chickens make their loud clicking noises to each other the chicks are chirping, the birds are singing, my oldest two are still sleeping and my youngest is running around in his underwear #mylittlehomestead🐐🐓🦆🐇 #thisulgybeautifullifeilive💕 #joysoflivinginasmallhouse #joysoflovinginasmallhouse #smallfarmlife #smalltownlife

4.27.2020 face masks with filter for sale on etsy

I have been asked by A LOT of friends to make face masks for them, now that i have finished all of their orders I have been able to stock my Etsy shop with some, these are 100% cotton double layer masks with a filter pocket I hope to have more made soon. Click the link below the photographs to see the listing in my shop. These masks are perfect for cleaning out your chicken coop or mowing the lawn, they do not come with a filter for the filter pocket.

And remember every purchase helps me feed my ever growing children and my little homestead.

4.27.2020 face masks for sale on etsy

I have been asked by A LOT of friends to make face masks for them, now that I have finished all of their orders I have been able to stock my Etsy shop with some, these are 100% cotton double layer masks. They DO NOT have a filter pocket. I have more masks coming to the shop soon with filter pockets they will cost a little more. Click the link below that photographs to see the listing in my shop.

And remember every purchase helps me feed my ever growing children and my little homestead

~mary e.

Who knew cut & paste could be so hard…

I’m having trouble coming up with things to write, and my best ideas come when i am washing dishes & by the time I’m finished and my hands are dry, i am pulled somewhere else, pulled to the screaming children because they too have been kept “inside” and together for too long. All three share the same room, they can’t even get away from each other with that simple idea, going to ones room.

I have written and rewritten this post so many times in my mind and I still don’t think that i have the right words to use. I’m feeling very stupid, very impatient. I had toyed with the idea of homeschooling when my oldest was still a baby, but the older she got the more that idea became, well a bad one. I decided not to homeschool because, well I cannot even handle cut & paste with my 5 year old.

I have to stay away from social media, i have to stop looking at photographs that friends are posting of their children doing school work and looking so very happy about it! I know that you are not sharing the whole truth, i know that you are more than likely having the same troubles that I am having when it comes to teaching your children, but it is very hard to believe.

Our day looks something like this, i have to use a timer, 1 hour of play, 20 minutes of school work, 1 hour of play, 30 minutes of cleaning, 20 minutes of school work, and by that point I’m finished

Like now, it’s not even noon and I’m ready for my nap, almost every night i’m up with the youngest two because they wake with night terrors and bad dreams, the dogs want in and out, and the cat won’t stop purring and kneading my stomach, i’m tired, i’m worn out, i’m doing this on my own…

More art to come soon I promise! I will get out of this funk.


Easter at home… sorry, not sorry 2020

I’m going to step on some toes,

I’m sorry, but also really I’m not sorry at all about what i am going to write…

I’m in my living room this Easter Sunday, the kids and husband are outside enjoying the weather while dinner cooks in the slow cooker… it’s lamb…i have wanted lamb for my Easter dinner for, well i can’t remember how long, and today because we are at home due to COVID-19 i get to have lamb for Easter dinner.

So many thoughts have been going through my mind today, and I’m sure that i’m not the only one who is thinking this way…

Today I’m getting to spend Easter really thinking about what today means. This morning i woke up early to take care of the animals and i was not stressed about the fact that my kids aren’t going to be dressed to the nines when we go to church. I wasn’t worried about not only wearing my Sunday best but my Easter best. I wasn’t worried about the judgment that comes, and you know it does even when we say we don’t, the judgment when my 9 year old decides that she is going to do her own hair and it looks like she ran a weed eater though it instead of a brush, or she puts on jeans and a shirt instead of the dress that I bought her, but i did not and don’t have the energy to fight her because i was up all night with one of her siblings.

I don’t do Easter baskets, and today was the first Sunday that my kids did not get asked that very awkward question: What did the Easter Bunny bring you this morning? They did not have to listen to what all their friends woke up to. I did not have to answer the question why the Easter bunny did not come to our house. You know what? When they woke this morning they never even asked about candy or baskets. They were just excited that today is the day the tomb was found empty.

I keep thinking about Easter 2015 when I just got home from the hospital with a newborn baby girl, I was tired, I had a 4 year old, i had a less than a week old, and yet was still expected to go out to a family members house for Easter, and than was asked why I was so tired and not willing to pass around my 5 day old baby. We just got home that Friday, my milk was coming in, i was in pain from the birth, but still we got dressed up and went because we were expected to and did not want to upset anyone… I wish we could have stayed home that Easter, like today…

So enjoy your day, where you don’t have to go to that family members house, where you don’t have to worry that your kids Easter best is not up to par with your friends kids, you did not buy matching outfits, and you don’t have to worry about waking that sleeping baby just to “enjoy” family time

~mary e. Johnson-mason

Bus stop knitting 🧶 #2

So yes I’m still working on my first sock, I haven’t even made it to working on the second… I do have 3 kids 9, 4, & 2 so I feel this is a good excuse. I have had to take some stitches and rows out a few times and am most likely going to have to redo this one because I don’t think I made the leg long enough. However here is my progress, fingers crossed I’ll post a photo of my finished sock soon or at least the start of the toe, I’m working on the foot now

Mom life

The day after this session I got the flu for a week, as soon as I’m over that I have a respiratory thing going on and have lost my voice, this morning I am finally able to start editing (who needs a voice to do that!) with a 2 year climbing all over me and my 4 & 8 year endlessly repeating “mommy” or “STOP IT” and me trying to say “stop touching!” or “get that out of your mouth!” Did I mention that my laptop of 10+ years decided to stop working this week so I had to get the “big boy” out of storage yesterday, and now since it’s a “new” thing I can’t keep the kids away! Here’s to early Saturday morning editing all while moming it with biscuits & gravy and fresh eggs for breakfast, putting wood in the stove so we don’t freeze, changing diapers, and trying not to yell, keep 3 kiddos unhurt, all while trying to get sick or at least sicker than I already am. I forgot, I’m going on 4 hours of sleep and tonight is the time change… also why do they get up so early and so well on Saturday and not school days 🤷🏼‍♀️ I almost forgot I need to go let the chickens and ducks out and feed the goats #momlife #neverending #thisulgybeautifullifeilive💕 #joysoflovinginasmallhouse #familyphotographer #isitbedtimeyet #countrylife #woodstovelife #girlandboymama💜💜💙