Fiber festival!!! Oct 2019

Such an amazing weekend!!!

I can’t remember the last time i was by myself without my 3 littles (8, 4, &2). But this past Sunday my husband was home and i took off the a fiber festival before he could change his mind and say no!

Raw Icelandic wool fleece that still needs to be washed (that’s a whole blog post waiting to happen)
Lamb sandwich YES PLEASE!!!
Alpaca Wool, Silk nylon, firestar
My new bottoms whorl spinner
My other new bottom whorl spinner
Some more alpaca

I am not very good at spinning yet but oh do i love it, it is such a good way to relieve some stress and to know that the final product is all from my hands!

I have washed the raw wool and am waiting on it to dry so i can go onto the next step in turning it into yarn, and i can’t wait!!

More to come later, the children are being much to quite


First Friday… October 2019

Don’t mind the misplaced words, future embroidery project

Two posts in one day! I might be getting the hang of this! Don’t count on it… 😂

I went to first Friday this evening, you know where the local art galleries have their openings, I did not have anything in a show this go round, but one of my former professors was in a show, so i put the 3 chickadees in the car and dove an hour just to see the work of someone that i used to know.

I have mixed feeling…

The work was amazing…

My children where… not so amazing

8, 4, and 2 not very good ages to have out together, especially when the oldest is board and the other two feed off of her, that and all the sugar they seemed to have consumed in such a short time!

And I’m going to be honest with whoever you are that is reading this, once again i feel like I’m pretending at this artist thing…

I hate how I have to remind myself that i am an artist… that people like my work, i have a very long list of shows where the juror picked my work over so many others. So why do i feel this way!!! Why do I feel like my art is not good enough!? Why do I feel like I’m pretending that i’m an artist?! Maybe if I was around more artists I would feel different?

I had to pick up work that was shown in two past shows, and I found myself trying to hide it form the people that where there, like it didn’t even come close! I mean really how can you compare embroidery that is TINY to these amazing paintings that i could fit 100 or more of my works in? You can’t! I have to remind myself of that!

I want to paint so badly, and if I had the space, the child free space, the toddler free I put everything in my mouth space, than I really think that I could do great things, I have before so why not again!

This session that I’m in… this two bedroom 1,000 square foot 3 children session is not a painting session!

I feel like I’m just doing a craft… I need to stop feeling that way… but how!!!

How do you stop feeling that way when everything you learned in college is telling you that you are doing a craft not an art, but every time i have entered said “craft” into a show it has gotten in…

I need to stop now, it’s late, and my mind tends to wonder… I wish i could be painting right now, it’s Friday night and everyone is asleep, but i have no space to wait for paint to dry…

I need to remember that just because it is small and fits in my bag… my embroidery is no less important… is no less art… than all of the larger paintings hanging on the wall…

Just some rambling from an artist who isn’t feeling much like an artist…


On etsy October 2019

Here is a small look at some of the new listings at my etsy store

For those of you who don’t know me which I’m sure is MANY of you, i’m trying to make things work!

I have three young children as well as a yard and house full of animals, you city folk would say I have a small farm, while you country folk would say I’m just pretending.

My husband is gone a lot so it’s just me and the kids and all the added extras who are loved just as much as my kids.

Back in 2017 I had a baby boy who needed to be dressed up, and really have you seen the cost of dress up clothes for baby boys!!! So i got to thinking i can get a couple of onesies and some fabric and make my own dress up clothes and than it happened, people started asking for their own and so I started inspired by henry.

There is sadness to this story that I’m not yet ready to share, don’t worry it has nothing to do with my sweet boy.

So take a look and know that in doing so you really are helping a mama out who is in some hardship!

Wedding photography 2019 Gina & Seth

Such love these two have for each other 💕

Such an amazing wedding, not too hot and not too cold! The sun was out when it was calling for rain.

Everything was beautiful

Everyone was joyful

It had been awhile since I photograph a wedding, about two years! I’m not going to lie I was nervous, I checked and rechecked my camera, and repacked my camera bag about ten times! My feet where killing me, I wore the wrong shoes and parked too far away, but it was all worth it.

I have photographed A LOT of weddings and you start to know if the marriage is going to last with how the the bride and groom are with each other with the stress of the big day, and there is no doubt in my mind that these two are going to make it

Wedding today

Making sure my batteries are charged and my bag is ready to go

Wedding today, a small one just 15 people! Think I’m stressing out more over this one than my larger ones because well I will stand out more!!! I’m worried about not getting the shot, I’m worried about not wearing the right thing!!! It will be easy to see who “doesn’t belong”.

Just a few thoughts before I start my work day…

Can’t wait for this mama to go to work outside the home for a “few” hours and let my dear husband take care of the kids 🤪

I LOVE my Fuji cameras!!! 📷

A new day…

Today is a new day…

I’m going to try to share everything that i have done, my art work and my photography sessions on this blog as well as items that i have listed for sale on my etsy shop

I will also share sales here first and photography give aways… so lets see how i do, lets hope that I can keep you all up to date on what is going on in my art world

Magnetic letters soon to be for sale at