2.18.22 it’s been forever and a day…

Wow has it been a long while since I have been on here to post! I have been focused on homeschooling, and just trying to be, so I haven’t thought much on blogging about my life… or just in general.

I have been having trouble with thinking that what i am doing is good enough, social media has not helped with this thinking. So I have turned everything off including my blog, I have taken a break, I have tried to get my mind back in order and not worry about comparing myself and my children with others. But now I think that I am back, I think I know or have an idea on how to turn off the noise from the outside and focus on what really matters, my little family.

Yesterday I made art for the first time in a long time, and I have a deep yearning to make more, something that has been missing from me for a long while. I am going to embrace my longing for the bright and whimsical images that are flooding my dreams at night, I am going to allow myself the freedom that I see in my children when they do art, they just do art as it feels it should be done, not as they feel the world feels it should be done. I will learn to look at things with their eyes because they seem to be more wise than I do at times.

So here’s to new art and hopefully new weekly updates on Fridays


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