10.02.2020 Skyline Drive

Life has been so crazy around here, I’m sure that it has been crazy for everyone with kids well really for everyone in general. Hybrid school has been draining on all of us, including H my 3 years old to doesn’t get to play with his older sisters because even though they are at home they are still at “school”.

So I looked at the weather and decided that we needed a day outside, not in our yard… we are luckier than most because of the freedom the kids have to run around outside in a yard full of chickens, rabbits, goats, dogs,and the neighbors cows, but they needed a change of scenery, we ALL needed a change of scenery.

I came across this awesome program on one of my sleepless nights wondering what to do with the kids, it’s call “All Kids Outdoors” if you have a 4th grader I highly recommend looking into this! The program lets your 4th grader and family get into ALL National Parks across America for FREE!!! BEST PROGRAM EVER!!! Money is tight and with the COVID-19 crap it has become tighter, so the fact that we can go and enjoy some of the most amazing places in America for free is a major plus, sure we have to pay for gas and food, and of course lodging in we went far enough away to require that.

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